As of 2016-01-20 Project: Merge is officially a discontinued product
and we are therefore no longer selling new licences.

Existing licences and installations of Project: Merge will continue to work,
and most of this website will continue to exist.

We do, however, have a new website at where you can find information
about the successor to Project: Merge, Oso XML Merge.

All accounts for this website have been migrated over to the new site, and you should be able to
view and edit your existing licences as before - as well as upgrade them to Oso XML Merge licences.

2 - Format Specifications
3 - Command Line Parameters
4 - Integrating with P4V
While Project: Merge can be used as a standard Windows application, it was primarily written to complement modern version control software suites. To this end, the command line parameters provide access to most of the primary features available for easy integration to your favourite version control software.

The first two options listed below define whether Project: Merge will compare or merge files. These two options are mutually exclusive, but you must specify one of them. Without either of these options, Project: Merge will not start.

Specifies this operation will compare the input files. Provide a base file to perform a three-way comparison, or omit it to compare two input files (left & right).

The -silent option has no effect when comparing files.
Initiates a merge operation. Project: Merge will merge two or three input files into a single result file.

-base <filename>
Specifies the common base file for a three-way compare or merge operation. If this parameter is not specified, a two-way compare or merge operation will be initiated.
-left <filename>
Specifies the left hand side file.
-right <filename>
Specifies the right hand side file.
-result <filename>
Specifies the destination file for a merge operation. If this parameter is omitted, the -silent option will be ignored (if specified) and you will be prompted to choose a destination file when saving.

-basetitle <title>
Specifies the title displayed for the base file.
-lefttitle <title>
Specifies the title displayed for the left side file.
-righttitle <title>
Specifies the title displayed for the right side file.

Controls whether the Project: Merge window is displayed or not. This option is only valid for merge operations, and will only be honoured if there are no conflicts and a result file has also been specified.
-report <filename>
Generates a report regarding the current operation. The generated report will be saved to the specified file as plain text.
It should be noted that for commands that take a secondary parameter such as a filename there should be at least one space between the command and its parameter. If the secondary parameter also contains spaces, it should be enclosed in quotes (").